Feb 012018

Before the rain arrived (about 3pm ) we got out there to get up and installed the six rafters we had made way back before Christmas, into the “P” section of the roof.



These rafters were simple straight ones coming down from the O Ridge beam to the “P” wall, four of them had full eves sticking out and the last two didn’t.
Then after tidying up all our tools, under the steady patter of rain, we went and measured the last P4 rafter position so we can update the spreadsheet and then have the sizes for the last 4 rafters (P1 through to P4) to finish off the whole “P” section of the roof’s framework, covering the Great Room and alongside the conservatory.
We also measured on the other side for the middle rafter in the “N” section coming down from the O Ridge to the corner of the N and M walls. This particular rafter the only straight one in this group of rafters and it is situated in the metal bracket on the O Ridge so once that one is made and installed, we can measure alongside this rafter, on both sides, and get more measurements for the spreadsheet and we then can calculate what we would need to make the “N” rafters.
Finally, we returned back into the dry workshop and drilled bolt holes and sanded little slopes on the webbing so they can slide onto the leg and spread out the glue better. That concludes the work for today and the rain can do it worse. Hopefully, we can see dry weather tomorrow or else, we will be in the workshop and start preparing for those final P rafters!

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