For the last day of June, we had a long day of work, continuing the task of cutting the slot into the Fascia boards, this time, along the front. We did section “A” and section “B” then fitting very carefully, gluing and screwing the Downpipe Channel module, making sure the sloping bottom base layer is exactly at the correct height in relation to the two incoming gutter base boards (to be fitted later on) and going downhill towards to the plastic downpipe itself.

Working Along the Front ..


Working Along the Front ..


Working Along the Front ..


After lunch, we had to level the sandy soil along the front of the Front Door Porch (section “C”) so we could get our mobile platform moved along there. we managed to move the platform sideways (at a 90degrees right angle) before resuming along the front. We did the “C” section alright, apart from having to remove some of the stainless screws that were right where the slot is going (we put them back afterwards!) but the fun started when we needed to “turn” the corner to do the “D” and “E” sections.
We were running out of room to move the bottom half (the actual metal scaffolding part and its wheels), we needed to avoid the fence and the last fence post. It was tricky because the wheels are hard nylon 6inch castors so the plywood strips were needed to support them from digging into the soft sandy soil. We managed to do it .. eventually – phew!

We concluded the day in doing section “D” (a nice short one!) and then the outer corner patch.
Working Along the Front ..


So we now have done, almost, all three sides of the house and have only the last four sections (“E” to “H”) to go and put in the final downpipe Channels in and that will conclude the work on the Fascia board and the first stage of the guttering. We will be tackling the job of putting on the roof boards next – Hurrah!

By Shaun

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