Jul 032018

This afternoon, we prepared the tools and equipment, like rolling the mobile scaffolding platform back to the beginning of the “A” section of the roof. Plus also get the compressed air buffer tank installed under the platform on its own little shelf so we can have several air-lines going up to the platform and have just one main feed from the compressor in our workshop. We brought out our planer, various cutting tools and also brought around a half a dozen of the “smart” plywood boards so we are ready to start covering the roof with lots and lots of sheets of plywood.
First, we made sure that the rafters were not proud of the Fascia (by trimming any excess off using the planer), then cut a little notch just behind the Fascia board, on the end of each rafter timber itself to allow for the installation of a conduit or a watering system (to be done later on). And then planed off a thin layer of the weathered surfaces to maximise a good glue bond between the plywood and the rafters.
That pretty much concluded today’s work, we have got a plan and know what steps to take to do the job and tomorrow, we will start in Ernest to cover up the roof – At Last!

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