Today, we started in earnest in putting up the roof boards all over the roof! We started on the “A” section and proceeded to do ten sheets of plywood (12mm thick structural grade) boards. We had four posh quality ones (with hardly any surface faults and also made from a harder timber plus having six layers instead of four!) went on first along the front edge of the roof, connecting to the Fascia board and hence being visible from underneath. The other six “ordinary” boards filled in the next three rows, going up towards the Skylight.

Ten Sheets Of Plywood Is Up On Roof!


Some of the rafters needed a little bit of work with the planer to get rid of a protruding plywood edge so the surface of the rafter is smooth and lots of area for the glue to spread over and provide a strong joint.
We also made a heap of seven foot ‘foot rails’ that we have screwed down to each board so we can clamber up and down the roof safely with the other boards and tools etc.

Tomorrow, we will move the mobile platform right into the corner of the roof between “A” and “B” and start measuring and fitting appropriate pieces to do the valley and finish off the “A” section of roof and go around onto “B” and continue around the roof.

By Shaun

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