It was a very hot blistering hot hot hot day today as we resumed covering the “A” portion of the roof and a bit of the “B” section too.
We started by moving our mobile platform all the way to the “B” edge so we could tackle placing exact length boards up the valley. We put on two more “posh” sheets, going around the corner onto the “B” section and reaching the “C” intersection diagonal rafter.
A further seven non-posh plywood sheets were fitted, two more to fill the valley region and five whole boards to fill a major portion of the “A” roof.

Another Nine Sheets Went Up Onto


So for tomorrow’s work, we need two more full boards (well, actually just under two full sheets) to complete the fourth row and then three and a bit half width boards to fill in the final fifth row right up on the Kerb and the Skylight. That will see “A” fully covered and we can then proceed onto the “B” and should see that all covered and perhaps most of the “C” portion too. We Will See – Phew!

By Shaun

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