Jul 062018

We resumed the work on covering the roof rafters with plywood boards and we managed to get all of the “A” section completed and almost all of the “B” area done too. We handled about 10 sheets in total, some were whole and went straight up, but others were sliced in various directions to fit the “hole”, especially going up the valley line.







These two roof areas (“A” and “B”) adds up to about Twenty-one percent of the total and it has taken us the three days to do them, this means, doing the sums on the back of the envelope, and with a pinch of salt, about 15 days to do the whole roof! But that doesn’t include the chore of moving the mobile platform and other hidden tasks not covered by the calculations – Smile!
Tomorrow, we will do the last narrow strip to complete the “B” roof and then move everything, including unscrewing all our foot rails and start working on the “C” Front Porch section.

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