Aug 302018

Yesterday and today, we worked on creating a set of glazing holders that will take the triple glazing units (TGU) that goes up inside the Skylight later on next year when we have constructed the first floor.
They are a series of “wedge “shaped pieces with a plywood strip glued and nailed on top. These pieces are shown in blue in the diagram.

Next Set of Glazing Holders Created


We made 14 thinner ones for holding at the top on the ridge beam, a further 13 for the bottom position on the narrow sections of the kerb and another 9 to sit on the wider kerb sections.
We used our circular table saw machine to slice up the wood with various 15degrees angles, then put them through the planer to smooth off the sawn surfaces. Then we pulled out a sheet of 9mm high quality hardwood plywood and sliced 45mm wide strips, a total of 38 of them. 14 of them went into the planer to trim one surface to produce a 15degrees flattened area (this is where the tray of moisture absorbing powder will sit) when the plywood is stuck to the “wedges”.
Next Set of Glazing Holders Created


We then stuck the plywood to all the tops of the wedge shaped pieces made earlier.
Next Set of Glazing Holders Created


Next Set of Glazing Holders Created


We spent the last hour outside, screwing and locking down the rafters to the ridge beam and to the rim edges so we can be confident that the alignment of the wedges (when we come to screw and glue them into place) will match the existing long batten already on the rafters.
So on Saturday, we can start doing that job and by early next week, we can paint all the wood work with the white resin and glass fibre and have that all done. The only job left to fiddle with is the Bird Disruptor system (we are waiting for our stainless steel order to arrive).

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