Sep 112018

Today, we rubbed down the second layer on all the pieces to get rid of a small number of drips and dribbles, plus also doing this coat of transparent base layer, revealed more knot hole problems so we dealt with them (by chiselling deeper into the knots themselves and then filling them with our 2-part wood filler) and finally the surface was washed down with acetone chemical to prepare it for the next resin coating.
Then we started on the white final finishing coating, by carefully painting just one side of each timber piece (rather than having to twist the piece around to the other surfaces and waste time – As the resin is continuously curing and hardening). We did the 12 pieces outside and a further 19 pieces in our workshop before the day came to a close.

First White Coat Starts Today


First White Coat Starts Today


Tomorrow, we will continue with this white layer on the other two edges and hopefully by the end of the day, we will have it all done, bar any tidy up and other repairs.

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