Mar 032014

We went into Great Yarmouth this afternoon and handed over the package of our construction plans and structural calculations to our new Building Control inspector Kenny Brown. The package contained 27 pages of A3 drawings, 20 pages of a summary and overview of the project and 150+ pages of calculations! Now we can start work […]

Oct 192011

Today we had a visit from Building Control, to inspect our latest work including our temporary living quarters. We talked of many different aspect of the build and our inspector is quite happy with what we have done. He mentioned that we need an energy assessment and recommends someone for this. He also advises us […]

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Dec 152010

Our building control inspector came today to take a look at our Garage. He was checking the structural and quality of work! His words were “I am very happy with your work!” “Very happy indeed!” That is good to know that we are going in the right direction! Phew!

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Oct 192010

Our inspector from the building control department came at lunch time and inspected the integrity of our DPM, ready for the floor slab of the garage and as long as we carry on and mix high cement concrete and push it in and around all the conduits and pipes to seal the DPM down solidly, […]

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