Jul 252017

Today, we took our Laser level measuring equipment and did some Reality measurements. We wanted to see what things were in the real world, rather than what’s on the drawing in the computer!
We did the following:

  • C wall height : 2990 mm above ground (3000 mm on drawing)
  • Metal Bracket for C Ridge : 5040 mm (5039 mm on drawing)
  • Length of C Ridge : 5347 to back of metal bracket (5348mm on drawing)

The last measurement we tried to do by propping up a straight 89mm CLS timber flat against the C wall and projecting upwards to get to the height of the C Ridge beam but we found that it was still too wobbly right up there.
So we decided to build the first part of the framework on the C wall that will form the gable end and hold up the C ridge beam itself.



Combining to 89mm CLS pieces together to form a single solid post and two diagonal struts to anchor it in place. At this point, we could accuracy measure the distance from the front of the C wall and back to the metal bracket up on the steel I-Beam.

We also reassembled the second scaffold tower to give use a working platform at both ends of the ridge.

Finally, to finish off the day, we sliced up 3 sheets of plywood into six strips of 477mm wide and cut the two LVL timber pieces down to 5347mm and 5350mm (the second one is for the top flange that goes slightly further back to the Kerb of the Skylight. We sanded the surfaces of the LVL timber to remove any dirt and roughness to make a smooth and clean surface for the best gluing joints.
Tomorrow, we will carry on with making the C Ridge beam in our huge template and then install the beam up into place to form the very first structural element of our Roof!!

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