Placed the last layer of crates …

solid block of blue crates sitting on the white polyfelt

Time for Christmas Eve! Well we have a lot of wrapping to do…. Wrapped, folded and trimed the polyfelt first. Next the rubber was folded up the sides and the extra rubber in the corners folded neatly.

a giant elastic band around the crates

We formed a couple of pipe connections for expansion at the bottom right and overflow at the top left. These were sealed by cutting a half-sized hole in the rubber and stretching it over the pipe. This formed a ring of rubber about 2cm along the pipe which was covered in a stip of geo-textile and clamped with a stainless steel tie. The overflow level is 40mm from the top of the tank.
expansion port connectoroverflow pipe

Finally we wrapped up the outer geo-textile and added more geo-textile as a lid. The access shaft was installed last.
crates wrapped up for christmas

By Stephen

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