Cleared last bit of topsoil alongside the sheds away by spade and barrow,  then carefully marked out the four corners of the garage, checking to ensure everything was square!

Garage Foundations - Marked out corners


Started by cutting up the OSB into strips, then pounded in support stakes along side the sheds. Each stake was checked with the dumpy level to get a nice level foundation.


Bought 51m of 2″x1″ batten and cut up into 90 x 600mm sharpened  steaks (oops can’t eat them so they are stakes).

Pile of Steaks! (or Stakes even)

Placed most of the rest of the stakes around the foundations.

most stakes in


Repositioned the electricity ducts to align with wall. Set the height of all the stakes set up yesterday. Started installing the formwork.

Formwork started


Finished the formwork on the sides and front.
Side Forms Finished

Dumped a few loads of sand behind the earth tubes and compacted. Finished the formwork with the cross strip to hold up the internal wall.

Formwork Finished

By Stephen

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