The time has come! We are placing the first concrete on the site. We are using a special concrete from Lafarge called ‘Agilia Trench flow’. This should allow us the pour all the concrete from one or two places as it is very fluid.

The concrete truck and the company rep both arrive at the top of the loke at the same time, now the tricky bit – reversing down the loke. Its quite a long way…

truck reversingconcrete truck

We get down and into place after a few minutes. The concrete starts to flow at 11:15. Our shallow and narrow foundations cause the flow to be a bit slow, so we had to help it along a bit. We then switched to filling from the other side and finally filled the door pillar pad. All poured by 11:40. 4500 litres of concrete into the foundations with very little effort! No barrows, no tamping or vibrating…

The only problem was we wanted to fill the formwork right to the top, so we had some spillage when flowing the concrete round. The concrete truck only has one barrow left in it after filling all the trenches, so we poured this into the overflow area. Collecting up the spillage made up 3 barrows more which also went into the overflow area.

Cleaning up took longer than pouring did.

all doneoverflow area half filled

By Stephen

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