After the problems bailing out the actual pour went smoothly!

There were 3 loads of concrete (Agilia Force) delivered between 11:00 and 12:15. Each load only took 3-4 minutes to pour into the formwork! The mix was quite fluid and only need gentle encouragement to spread out evenly, we only had to walk around pushing with our boots to get a good level.

When we were satisfied we had a even distribution of concrete the Lafarge rep (Kevin) brought out his agitator bars. These are round poles held horizontally with two handles rising up to hold. These had to be used in two passes, 1st pass involved moving up and down about 50mm then advancing by the width of the pole and repeating (this releases any traped air). 2nd pass was a light dabble over the surface to give a smooth finish.

The rain continued to fall in showers (even hail) while we were working and Daphne bailed out some of the excess water from the corners where it had been pushed by the concrete.

Finally Kevin sprayed a wax based agent all over the finished concrete to help the slab cure properly.

Here is an edited and speeded up (16 times) video of the pour.

By Stephen

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