Well we had 10.9mm of rain since we finished the DPM Yesterday. That’s over 800 litres of water to get out of the garage slab DPM.

The job was not as easy as we thought when we started at 9 o’clock. First we tried the submersible pump – no go, the water was not deep enough. Then we used the drill pump successfully for 1/2 an hour before it overheated! At this point probably half the water had been removed. Third try was using sponges and towels! – this worked but was very slow. Then Shaun remembered the wet and dry vacuum cleaner – this worked well, better than any of the other things.

By this time it had started to rain again! and Kevin (Lafarge man on the spot) said we had got rid enough water! So it time for the concrete.

Ready for Concrete

By Stephen

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