The whole length of the Sun Corridor and Entrance Hall has been painted a glorious white! We found several pots of old white emulsion and mixed the whole lot together.

We tried using the spray painting machine and after having to dilute the paint with water (about third water to two third paint) to get it to work. Spraying the OSB boards in the Hall did quite well as it fills in the millions of little indents but the spraying pattern on the wall does need careful motions and control to make an even finish or faint stripes might appear.

But for the majority of the wall surfaces, we resorted to the usual 12inch roller! We went around all the edges with a small pot and brush to fill in the places that a roller would not reach and we managed to do two coats today!

We will paint the ceiling of the four rooms white as well and since we are nearly out of the cheaper white emulsion, we will go and buy another 10litres pot. We calculated that we will need about 75 square metres of coverage. The walls on the other hand, adds up to about 200 square metres and we should have enough of other old pots of emulsion (a yellow, a pale blue and a bit of Bongo Jazz!) so our lounge and our bedrooms would have some relief of colour to break the sheer whiteness!!

By Shaun

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