We smoothed off the door holes in and out of the three bedroom and the larger opening that is the lounge. The cut-outs are quite rough with sawn edges and plasterboards showing.

We took standard backing wallpaper and rolled up a length (2100mm – 7geet) in the other direction to create a long tube. We then flattened it to produce a multilayer strip 140mm wide which we wrapped around the edges of the doorways. They were held up with staples.

We also have been using a pre-formed hardboard shaped like a capital L which were the protection strips for the worktop. It is a very similar idea of wallpaper rolled up and flattened but in their case, they have use some sort of glue to mould it into a stiffen shape! We simply cut them up and used the pieces to cover the horizontal top edges of our door ways!

By Shaun

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