We finished off the crane this morning with the insertion of the metal socket plate at the top of the wooden crane leg. Then we attached a long arm at ground level with two feet at each end and diagonal struts from these ends and screwed to the vertical section of the crane.

Then, we went to finish off the Steel leg number 3 (our sixth leg we are bolting down) and try to understand why this leg has a slight tilt on it. we went to the top of the scaffolding tower (oh yes, we also attached our long extending ladders to the towers and it is much much easier and safer to climb up to the top now!) and measured the distances between Leg 1 and Leg 2 (4775mm – correct!), at the bottom (4775mm – correct) and then between Leg 2 and Leg 3 at the top (3714mm – correct) and at the bottom (3710 – oops!!!). We have found the error and it is nothing we can do about it as we have already drilled the 4 holes into the concrete so we cannot move the bottom of the leg the required 4mm northwards to straighten up the leg. We will have to live with it and but the slight offset is so small (thanks goodness) and by the time the whole house is constructed, bracing everything together, it would not be a problem and will not show.

We stopped early because of the strong winds out there as we have a heavy storm thundering pass somewhere else hundreds of miles away but tomorrow, it may be much calmer so we will begin the task of raising the big steel I beams and plonking it on top of the legs!

By Shaun

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