Today, we went around fixing into place the bottom layer of the Footplate timber pieces that makes up the inner structural leg element of the External Wall.

We drilled a 6.5mm diameter holes through the 38mm by 63mm CLS treated timber (it is nice and green colour!) which provided a pilot hole for us to then drill down into the concrete floor using our heavy duty SDS drill machine, using a 6.5mm diameter drill bit. We went down about 80mm into the concrete itself so that there is plenty of room for the concrete screws to tap into (allowing space for the little bit of broken bits of sand and granite to fall down into). We then drilled a clearance hole in the wood and drove in the concrete screws but we left a gap underneath for the mortar.



The next job, is to mix up some mortar and then put it under the footplate and laser level it to an exact height.

By Shaun

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