This morning, we mixed up the final load of mortar to finish off the last 15metres or so of the Inner Wall Footplate.

 We also went around tightening down all the concrete screws on the section that the mortar is set. We had only some trouble with holes where the rubbish has fallen in so we got out the compressed air blaster (just a tank of compressed air) and cleared out the holes. Most were successfully tightened down, with only about 3 needing more drilling (we only use the battery powered drill driver to disturb the rubbish) and then air blasted it again. That did the trick.



Tomorrow, we will tighten down the final section we did this morning and then start with the second layer of timber on top of the concrete wall, this time, a complete loop of 89mm CLS timber on top of the 100mm wide timber already there. We will use our old supply of wood “weather proof” glue that has been sitting in a large pressure bottle (that was an old garden sprayer) for 5 years or so. Amazingly, the glue inside was still liquid. Wow!

By Shaun

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