Today, we spent the time slicing and chopping lots of materials for the creation of the Legs for our Great Room. After carefully checking yesterday our Leg Element and how it fitted, we were ready to speed up production of the various individual items to make a Leg.

We spent the morning slicing up 12 more sheets of our 11mm structural plywood into over 300 webbing pieces, using firstly our circular saw module and slicing the full sheets into 4 x 300mm wide strips. Then taking each set of 4 strips, we put it through our chop saw module every 370mm, creating our neat webbing items. This is enough webbing for all the legs.

Then, we brought in 33 lengths of our 63mm CLS timber to have them chopped down to the required 3070 mm size, and piled up next to the 89mm CLS pieces we have already done.



After lunch, we tidied up the workshop of all the sawdust we created from the morning’s work, tied up in bundles the left-over pieces of 63mm into 12 piece piles and tied up a heap of plywood pieces, all using old string we had lying around. All these bundles were then moved outside to get them clear of our working area. The CLS went on a spare pallet  near the other pallets, and the plywood stacks went under the rain protection in our swimming lane.

Then we resumed the assembly of each Leg itself. We did a further 6 more “left hand” orientation which will be fitted on the left hand side of the 5 windows and the door in the Great Room. It was the usual job of placing each element into the jig, gluing and then nailing it all together.

Now we needed to switch the jig over to make “right hand” types of the Legs, so a quick unscrew of the barrier to slide it across to the other side of the jig and hey presto .. we now have a template for making the leg with the plywood webbing pieces on the other side of the Legs.

We started the next Leg to only hit a snag .. the glue stopped flowing!! Oh why does it stop just right now??! We took it apart and checked the pipe going down inside the bottle of glue by blasting full powered  compressed air down the pipe, did the same for the flexible hose section and finally got to the nozzle and guess what? It was Blocked! Just Typical that we started at the wrong end!! We cleaned out a lump of half set glue out of the nozzle and by this time, it was approaching finishing time for the day. it was slightly earlier this time as we had other commitments on.

We did actually finish this leg off! Tomorrow, we will resume our assembly of more Legs for the Great Room and after that, start getting them into position outside in the house itself – yippee!




By Shaun

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