Today, we carried on making our Legs that will create our External Wall of the house. We got the glue dispenser going, connected up the nail gun and started loading pieces of timber into our jig.

We made 22 right-handed “first floor” legs – this means this size of Leg will support the First Floor Joists on the inner 63mm CLS posts. We put to one side 3 pieces of the 63mm CLS for making the left-handed legs later on when we adjusted the jig.

We moved these completed legs out to our trolley to go alongside the Great room legs.



After lunch, we carried on and made another 34 right handed “non-first floor” legs – this time, these sizes of legs only holds up the floor boards on the first floor level, and hence these has longer inner posts.

Again, we moved these out to the trolley to keep the workshop from being overly cluttered.



Now, we turned around the jig, adjusted the end stop so that we now can make the left-handed version for going around the edges of windows and doors, on their left sides – surprising enough!

We finished off the day by creating 3 plus 9 of these left handed legs and moved all out to join their siblings on the trolley. So we made 33 Legs for the Great Room, 43 Legs which runs on the front and back walls and 27Legs that supports the first floor, mainly along the side wall nearest the garage and the side sections of the extension.  A Grand Total of 103 Legs in all!

We wrapped it up with a tarpaulin to keep the rain off.



And then .. We hauled it .. We tried to haul it .. We Could NOT haul it!! Not at least  by human power alone – OOPS! We had to get our ratchet come-along winch to crank it across the softer ground to get it off our drive way so we can get our car out!! We calculated the weight of the 103 Legs and here is the summary of the results:

  • 770kg of the CLS timber
  • 190kg of the plywood webbing
  • 15kg of nails!

A grand total of 975kg or virtually a ton!! Eek!! No wonder we couldn’t move it!!

Tomorrow, we will make the 14 corners posts (most of them are quite complex), and also cut up some extra pieces ready for filling in some extra support where needed, as instructed by our Construction Drawings.

By Shaun

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