Then this afternoon, while the rain came sprinkling down, we were in the workshop slicing up lots and lots of polystyrene foam boards into narrow strips of various thickness, in order to fill up the gap inside the Kerb framework of the Skylight.
We used up lots of old left-over pieces to make the following items:

  • 9 x 277 mm high by 38mm thick strips
  • 6 x 327 mm high by 38mm strips
  • 6 x 327 mm high by 30mm thick strips.

All strips 2.4m long.



We had to widen our Hot-Wire cutting machine to accommodate the wider pieces, as we had not originally envisioned making these sizes of insulation strips. That took about an hour to disassemble and reassemble the machine onto a wider base board!! But we managed to slice all what we needed before the end of the day!

Tomorrow, we will get back out there and start putting these strips in place up on the Kerb framework, hopefully weather permitting!

By Shaun

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