Jan 042018

We finalised and double checked our Oak Timber quantity and got a final quote from the timber merchant today.
The major difficulty we have is that the large quantity of the Oak timber, amassing to 6 cubic metres or about 5 tons of timber, needed some means of being off-loaded from the delivery truck and we don’t have an on-site forklift truck and also we are down at the end of an unadopted narrow lane too.
So we are having to pay for the hire of an lorry with all-terrain forklift vehicle, being transported alongside the Oak, from the merchants themselves. It is about £500 but that is less than 10% of the total order which is not so bad, and just something we have to accept as part of our building project’s overheads.
The timber will take about 2 weeks to come and we will do some site management and re-arrange piles of insulation boards and move them into the house and make a cleared area, ready to receive the Oak.

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