May 022018

Today, we finished off planing the fifteen planks that were glued overnight to get rid of the glue colouring and any slight imperfections. Then we converted the planer machine into the thicknessing mode, connected up the vacuum chipping remover cover and started planing all forty planks for the first time, slicing them down to 38mm thick initally.
After lunch, we continued to slice off a thin layer at a time, millimetre by millimetre until we reached a product with good smooth surfaces.

Oak Timber All Planed


The end tally was that we managed to plane thirty-five planks down to a thickness of 34mm and the other five down to 32mm thick. The last five had more “features” in the Oak timber which needed more removal. These slightly thinner planks will be used on our shorter sections of eves (like for example, “B”, “D”, “G” and “I” sections).
Next, we sit down with our construction drawings and find out what we will need for doing the five internal corners which has a downpipe to connect the gutters plus also the three oddity ones located with the side door porch and the conservatory. These eight “specials” needs to fit into the Fascia board so it allows the rain water to flow backwards from the Fascia board (which has the guttering fitted on), along a horizontal channel to a hole where the downpipe will be located. The other design requirement needed to be teased out, are the ten outside corners, which will have a 45° angle “chopped” off the them, which applies to the Fascia board and to the guttering too.

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