Today, in the morning, processed a couple more Oak pieces, one extra 150mm plank to add to our forty we have already, just in case we run out. The other one is much wider at 220mm which will be needed in making the special ten outside corners of the roof and the Fascia, as we wanted to have a 45° angle “chopped-off” the guttering etc.
Then after lunch, we went around measuring every single sticking out rafter (the eves) using our site laser level and surveying equipment. All the numbers got recorded and then transferred to a spreadsheet to reveal that we have a wobbly “random” positions for the ends of the eves (in theory they should have all been the same height), which is where our Fascia boards will be mounted on.

The analysis shows that most of the individual rafters are a little below optimum level (the construction drawings requires the level to be 2.7metres above ground), the worse one being 25mm low but actually the average was only 3mm too low and most less than 8mm low. There are only a half dozen of exceptional ones being either too low or too high. This led us to feel more confident that we will mount our Fascia boards at exactly the 2.7metre point above ground and make the necessary modifications or adaptations to each individual rafter as required.
The end results of this decision is to allow us a much better control over the positioning of the gutters themselves so each section can have a proper “downhill” slope to encourage the rainwater to flow towards the nearest downpipe in a quick and orderly manner!

By Shaun

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