May 052018

Today, we processed nine pieces of Oak Timber, this being the results of some design work a couple of days ago in order to provide a path for the rainwater back from the main guttering channel and feeding the water to the down pipes in the corners of the building. These horizontal Downpipe Channels are made up of a base board 160mm wide which has two vertical sides also 160mm high sitting on the outer edge, and these pieces are all 20mm thick.

Downpipe Channels Designed and Required Oak Timber Planed


Downpipe Channels Designed and Required Oak Timber Planed


The pile of planed Oak Timber, which originally started off being 26mm thick rough sawn of variable widths (from about 170mm to 200mm wide) and all 2metres long. The planer (with help from the circular saw too) did a great job of generating nine flat and straight planks. Lovely!
On Monday, we can start making these Downpipe Channels which will allow us to then start putting up the Fascia boards – At Last! Hurray!

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