May 082018

The last two days have seen the development and creation of the first four Downpipe Channels or chutes. Using our lovely Oak timber we planed last week, we made the base boards with a 44° and 46° angled “arrow” on one end, then took them outside with some straight metal bars (to act for the Fascia boards) and measured the real world situation regarding exactly where these Downpipe Channels are positioned in relation to the main Fascia boards and the gutters.
Then, we made a simple plywood end caps, and sliced a compound angle of 45degrees and 1degree angle on both ends of each side wall of the channel (another Oak timber piece).

Four Downpipe Channel Created


The biscuit joiner was employed to help keep the two side walls neat and locked into position and then all was glued together using our brown silicone glue. Everything was clamped together and left to dry overnight.
Tomorrow, we will drill a large 110mm wide hole into the base board right at the bottom end of the channel and then wrap and glue a piece of rubber membrane inside surfaces to provide the waterproofing layer for the wood. We are using rubber as it is far more flexible than fibre-glass resin as any timber constructed building will have a bounce and movement in its structure and hard resin will crack eventually.

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