This morning, we analysed the plans to work out the total length of the rubber membrane we would need for the guttering and the valleys in the roof. There are eight valleys in our roof structure (our roof also has twelve hips and five ridges too) and about eighty metres of guttering. This adds up to just over 150metres in total and our supplier has 20metres rolls so we ordered eight rolls!
The afternoon was spent building the fifth Downpipe Channel for the diagonal corner between Bedroom 1 and the Great Room. We didn’t stick the rubber membrane into the previous channels we made yesterday as we realised that we needed to do a test of our glue sticking two layers of the rubber material and we wanted to make sure the glue will cure properly while being sandwiched by these two impermeable surfaces. The glue may need access to the air or moisture to set the chemical reaction going and cure the glue properly.
So we measured and cut the pieces for the fifth channel, took it outside to set it against the real world and proceeded to complete it by late evening to dry and cure overnight.
The last proper channel we will make is for a straight one for the Side Porch which we will do on Saturday and then we can start putting up the Fascia boards.

By Shaun

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