Missing our morning’s work session to other duties, we resumed after lunch on the task of slicing a slope on the top edge of our Fascia boards to match the angle of each section of the roof. We had 41 x 2 metre planks ready for the rip sawing, divided up into the following set:

  • 12 x 32° slope
  • 5 x 33° pieces
  • 8.5 x 40° planks
  • 11 x 45° pieces
  • and 4.5 x 60° slope.

Using our table saw, we proceeded to do all but the last one as the table saw cannot do more than 45 degrees.

Slicing Slopes on Top of Fascia Boards


Tomorrow, we will finish off the last 4.5 planks by using our Bevel Slicing machine we still got lying around and slice the very steep 60 degree angle on those remaining Fascia boards.

By Shaun

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