Jun 022018

Today we calculated and created a design for a jig to help us drill two clearance holes through the Fascia boards, positioned in such a way that the two stainless steel screws will drive into the ends of our rafters and pull tight the boards good and tight.

Four Jig Modules Created for Screw Holes in Fascia Boards


There are four of them to match the different slopes of the roof sections around the house. The 32 degree and the 33 degree versions are created in one jig as the differences are very small. These jigs will allow us to repeat this task of drilling these clearance holes with precision and be consistent on all 196 “ends” that we have in total!
The diagonal Hip rafters will have a similar jig but not for drilling the hole directly, only to draw the position of the rafter as it joins on to the 45 degree corners. There are only ten of these corners to worry about so we will deal with each one in turn as they come along and drill the holes by eye instead.

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