Today, we continued with the task of getting the line of scaffolding platforms installed and we got each of the eleven modules positioned so each corner had a full 4feet overlap to keep the outer edge all in line. We had to put in short filler pieces between some of the modules, especially along the “K” and “O” sections but we now have a continuous walk way tracing the line of the building from “I” corner (the back right corner near the Garage), all the way along the back until the last corner where the “O” finishes (the back left corner near the conservatory).

Wooden Scaffolding All Complete, Fixed and Safety Features Implemented


Wooden Scaffolding All Complete, Fixed and Safety Features Implemented


We also installed a safety feature of a kick board mounted on the outer edge so that no one can accidentally step off or lose trugs of tools etc.
We can now walk from one end to the other, all 30metres distance,

This very useful structure will stay put until we have completed the roof and got the final guttering all done too. Yes we wish we could have it going all the way around but we didn’t have enough timber and we do have our mobile metal scaffolding tower which we will put on its wheels and extend the platform length so we don’t have to keep moving it so much. We will also have wall mounting points at regular intervals to lock down the mobile tower to make sure we are working as safe as possible. The extension will be done tomorrow and next week we then can start on putting the groove into the Fascia board that will hold the base board of the gutters.

By Shaun

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