Jul 122018

With a slowly improving day with the Sun breaking out, we moved the mobile platform around the corner to start work on the “F” section of the roof. This is a relatively small area to do and we had almost finished it before lunch at 1pm.


That was quickly finished soon after lunch and we moved along a bit further to slide into position to tackle our smallest roof section, the “G” that forms the right hand side of the Side Porch roof.
This had also a Downpipe Channel module which needed a lot of trimming to reflect the angles of the “G” and “H” planes of the roof. That took a little while to get that right like, for example, projecting the diagonal valley down to the oak side wall and marking the point and then sawing the angled cuts off. All came out just fine – Phew!
Next, was measuring the various edges, but this was also one complicated process as we had a rhomboid shape to make, not a parallelogram which would have been slightly easier, but both left and right ends having different angles! But we found a way to do it and we have now done two rows up the “G” segment.


There is just one more row to complete this section and then we can start work on the “H”, all for tomorrow’s work.

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