Today, with it being just slightly cooler than yesterday, we started working on covering the roof along the back of the house. We decided that because we could access any part of the roof along our walkway, then we did several complete jobs in one go, for example, we went along to drill conduit holes through each and every rafters including the outside corners. Then we planed off excess timber that were too high above the Fascia board and filled in any gaps to bring it up to the Fascia board level. Finally, each rafter was touch with the planer to make sure there was no sticking up edges where the plywood webbing was stuck on too high. Also the brown glue was cleared away on the joint between the rafter and the Fascia board (got to the middle of the “M” section).
All these steps took the morning but now we can get on with gluing and nailing the plywood boards up with out having to remember to do any of these preparation steps. The back of the house is the sections from “I” through to “O”.
In the afternoon, we got on with fitting on the plywood sheets, cutting the angled ends to match the Hip or Valley joins, reusing left-over pieces where possible and we managed to get the first row (these being the Posh boards) done for “I”, “J”, “K”, and “L”.

Progressing Along the Back of the House!


Progressing Along the Back of the House!


Only three more smaller sections, being “M”, “N” and “O” sections to finish and then we can start working back on “I” with the ordinary grade plywood and cover up the whole section before moving onto the next roof area.

By Shaun

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