What a blistering hot day! Our Thermometer recorded 28°C today!
Under that heat, we continued putting up plywood boards and we got the ‘L’ section completed, almost all of the ‘M’ and we are making progress on the ‘N’ too.





We stopped a little early today, about 5:30pm, because of the heat, especially in this region as it is a trap of three sides, holding in the heat! We were drinking lots of cold water in our vacuum pint tumblers but it was still very hot.
Tomorrow, we will try and get this region of the roof all done before the forecast of rain arriving in the afternoon (only 30% chance) but whatever happens, we will progress and soon get along to the ‘O’ section and finally the large ‘P’ roof around the corner with the little ‘Q’ sticking out dormer.

By Shaun

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