Today, we continued with the task of adjusting and fitting each individual rafter to fit smoothly both at the Ridge beam and at the outer rim edge too. Another 14 were done, this time along the front.
After lunch, we started working on the two ends, cutting the ridge beam down so it is flushed against the last two front and back rafters but only cut down 65mm until reaching the last third layer which we don’t chop off. We decided that this third layer will have a sticking out ledge of 30mm, for the final three rafters to sit on. The easy rafter (the 90degrees one) was done, plus doing the shorter Rim pieces, fitting them into place doing butt joints with the outer Rim edges.

Front Set Rafters Fitted and Two Ends Now Sliced!


We finished off the day by starting to work on the Hip rafters, there are four of them, two at each ends. These hip rafters are angled at 10.5degrees instead of the 15degrees that all the other rafters are. Also these hip rafters have two little sloping sides on the top surface and these are also at the 10.5degrees angle.
Front Set Rafters Fitted and Two Ends Now Sliced!


We will continue with that task on Friday but for tomorrow, we will sit down and order samples of various slates from different companies, along with a quoted price for the amount of tiles we would need.

By Shaun

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