Sep 062018

Over the last couple of days, we have been fitting the final set of wedge shaped pieces to the outer rim of the skylight framework.
We got interrupted by rain for a little bit but instead, we came into our workshop, this was yesterday, and made some 24mm thick gap filling timber pieces, made from two layers of 90mm wide 12mm thick and 8feet long strips! They were glued and nailed together using the short 20mm brad nails. These gap fillers are for doing the wide steel parts of the kerb where we need to bring the triple glazing unit support batten closer to where the inner surface of the Skylight.
Today, we continued fitting the remaining wedges , including using our new gap fillers and got it all done by the end of the day. We managed to cover our finished framework with plastic tarpaulin sheets, before the rain came!
Tomorrow, we will take the whole thing apart, back into their individual pieces and start the process of applying some level of wood filler to hide various defects, knot holes, joints and anything else that may prevent a good contact area between the rubber gaskets and the glass of the glazing units. On top of that will then have the finishing coating of the white resin to seal the timber from against moisture movement and evaporation.

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