Yesterday, we started the process of painting the framework of the Skylight. We first removed all the tarpaulins we had covering things against any possible rain showers, and then unscrewed and dismantled the whole thing. All 33 rafters came into the workshop and the longer ridge beams and rim parts were left outside in the house but grouped together and much further away from any chance of being showered upon.
The first job was to coat these longer pieces with an undercoat layer of the polyester resin paint (this is a two part mixture) and leave it to cure hard. We almost did all 12 of the longer pieces.
Today, we finished off the last 3 pieces we couldn’t do yesterday and then returned back to the workshop to continue with the undercoat process on the 33 rafters. A filled some holes, sanded and then painted them with the resin.

Day 1 & 2 of Painting Skylight Framework


We finished with a little time to spare so we started sanding the first dry layer on the longest pieces outside to get rid of the spikey bits and get it smooth ready for the second coat, on Monday, when it will be the white coloured covering.

By Shaun

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