Sep 292018

On this glorious sunny day, we started the job of taking up the glazing panes up to our Skylight! But we had to finish off a single special job of slicing one of the plastic panes, the one over the staircase which needed a 13mm thin wedge shaped strip taken off. Then the next job was to insert a pair of rubber strips to all our Rafter bars, all 25 of them. Then we lifted up the polycarbonate plastic panes, starting off with the front set (labelled from 1 to 13) by using a rope and suction pad handle unit, to pull each piece one at a time and they rested in place (fortunately, we had no wind today!). We then dealt with them one by one, positioning them with an overhang of 65mm, centred on the to edges and then screwed down. The plastic has 2 protective films on it, we removed the inner one before fixing them and will remove the outer white film as the last thing we do on the skylight.

Half of the Glazing Completed on Skylight


We were very pleased with the results, all fitted just nicely and we now have the main set on the front completed. We did two on the back side, just to see how the centre ridge was looking and whether there were plenty of room for the ridge bar to fit, and .. no problems!!

So on Monday, we will continue with the back set of glazing panes, another 10 to do and then install the ridge glazing bar down the middle and finally concentrate on sorting out the two ends which has four triangular shaped glazing units which will be fun to get exactly right!!

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