Oct 012018

This morning we continued with the job of installing the glazing panes along the back of the Skylight and we now have 25 out of the total of 33 “windows” completed. It is just the two ends that have four triangular shaped windows in each to do and we would have the whole thing done.
After lunch, we went around putting in all the other stainless steel fixing screws in the rafter bars before tackling the installation of the central ridge. We approached the task by doing the two ends first where we had to get a 13mm clearance hole in the exact position so the threaded stainless diameter steel rod will poke though without binding up. We also had to chop off a small damaged section of the aluminium extruded bar (it looks likely for the “accident” happened during manufacturing) but we had plenty to work with. We finished off the day with fitting the third ridge bar which came up to the central threaded rod. The joint was coated in white sealant to ensure a waterproof connection.

Back of Skylight Glazing Completed and Ridge Bar Almost All Done


Back of Skylight Glazing Completed and Ridge Bar Almost All Done


Tomorrow, we will do the fourth and last section of the ridge bars and then start work on doing those more complex triangular windows!

Here’s an extra video showing the fitting of one window in real time!

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