Oct 022018

We finished off the installation of the Ridge bar this morning. The last section, the fourth one, was 4.494 metres long and we now have a complete ridge clamping down all the 25 windows (13 on the front and 12 on the back) with a total length of 13.5metres long.

Ridge Bar Complete and First Four Triangular Glazing Panes Cut


Then we got down to the complicated process of measuring the triangular framework so we could cut the polycarbonate sheet into the required shape and size. We started on the Great Room end of the Skylight and using our large framing square, to validate the assumption that the framework was indeed “right angled” and that we could and did take measurements of the vertical distance and the horizontal direction too but we also had a long straight aluminium “ruler” where we could verify the hypotenuse length when we transferred the numbers to our polycarbonate sheet. Using a long guide bar, clamped down and we carefully cut the plastic with our battery circular saw. We took the first one back up for a test fit and .. it fitted!
We repeated this over again for the next three cuts and we now have four triangular pieces!
They all then had their six clearance holes drilled into them and the protection metal edge strip glued, ready for these four to be installed tomorrow.
The last little task was to measure and cut the middle rafter bar to length and screw on its end cap, also ready for tomorrow.
So in the morning, we will do that and then deal with the two diagonal rafter bars which has to have a double angled edges taken off them to fit into the correct position .. all very fiddly work!

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