Oct 032018

We resumed the work of completing the two ends of the Skylight today, we had our four triangular pieces ready for installation, after the overnight job of gluing on the protection edge strips, for the Great Room end. These four plastic glazing panes, along with three rafter bars (one straight and two diagonal ones) were taken up and installed into place. The diagonal ones had to have two 45degrees slices cut off the top end (like an arrow head) before they could fit snugly into place.



After lunch, we started on the other end of the Skylight and proceeded to slice up the final two square sheets of the polycarbonate material into the last four triangular pieces, this time, it was a little more complicated because we have a little kink in the Skylight and this end has a twisted “skewed” arrangement of the rafters. We managed to get the measurements all sorted and duly arrived with our cut pieces which went straight up on the roof, clearance holes drilled and fitted into position. We ran late so we could get these last four “windows” finished which only the three rafter metal bars to do in the morning.
The Two Ends of Skylight Almost All Done


Tomorrow, we will do those rafter bars and then start applying more sealant around all the joints between all the metal parts and then snap on the white rain covers with more sealant to provide multiple layers of protection against rainwater getting in.

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