Dec 142019

With Christmas fast approaching, with various interruptions occurring, we had only managed to do a couple of days of work.
We got on with the task of sealing all the cement boards covering our walls around the whole house. The first part was to grind all the edges of each board because they were smeared in old glue that we used at the time of mounting the boards up. We discovered that this white general purpose construction glue suffered from exposure to rain and sunshine, it went brittle and crumbled away. SO we had to clean off any residue and we did this by using our battery powered angle grinder with a 120 grit sanding disk. Then everything was washed down with warm water to remove the dust and dirt to ensure a good strong bond when we roll on the aluminium tape.
The aluminium tape we bought especially for this job, it was a thicker metal foil (75microns thick), 50mm wide and we bought 5 lots of 50 metre rolls
By the end of the week, avoiding some bad weather too, we manage to get done all along the front, around to the side and the first segment along the back. Precisely, we did P2, A, C, D, E, F, H and I. We had skipped the B part because we wanted to fill in the tiny window hole first (we realised that the window wasn’t worth having and it was going to be awkward to put the cladding around too).

Sealing Up Cement Board Joints


Sealing Up Cement Board Joints


Sealing Up Cement Board Joints


This post is very likely to be the last one of the year (and decade too) so Merry Christmas!

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