Jul 122017

We carried on with building up the Kerb Framework around the Skylight today, finishing off putting on the top planks of timber, the 89mm CLS pieces around on the narrower sections. Then, after a nice interruption by some family visitors arriving coming to see our work etc, we then started putting in the final layers of […]

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Jul 102017

Then this afternoon, while the rain came sprinkling down, we were in the workshop slicing up lots and lots of polystyrene foam boards into narrow strips of various thickness, in order to fill up the gap inside the Kerb framework of the Skylight. We used up lots of old left-over pieces to make the following […]

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Jul 072017

And finally, we created a simple alignment tool to help us when we come to install the little pieces of timber for the Skylight framework module. We needed something to “transfer” the position of the slots in the rafter support timber on the outside of the steel I-Beams so we can get the position of […]

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Jul 062017

This morning, we went around and finished off mounting the plywood coverings on the Steel I-Beams before the thunderstorm arrives. We did dash in for 15 minutes at around 11:30am but that was only a small fringe effect of a thunderstorm heading elsewhere!! We concluded this morning with putting up the seven panels and we have […]

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Jul 052017

It was a gloriously hot day today and the thunderstorm weather front we were originally planning around wasn’t due to arrive until tomorrow so we dashed out there and started the task of putting up all the plywood coverings on the inner surface of the I-Beams, going up to where the Skylight glazing section will […]

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