Jul 152017

We did some miscellaneous tasks around the building site this afternoon, at the same time, talking about what we needed in terms of tools, jigs and templates to help us with the manufacturing of our roof rafters.
The tasks were as follows:
• Fixed and cleaned out the water pump non-return valve.
• Tidy up the workshop of all the polystyrene foam waste bits and the tools
• Sprayed weed killer around different areas of the building site
• Trimmed back the old hedge along the Loke
• Repaired the Sabre Saw where the blade wouldn’t hold in place anymore(a little spring clip has been knocked out of position).
• Emptied Rubbish

The tools and templates we talked about are as follows:
• A squashing tool to ensure a tight joints between the plywood webbing and the flange of all the rafters
• A measuring jig that hooks up on the steel I-Beams and the outer walls to allow us to check the distance down to the outside walls.
• A rafter template to hold the long lengths of the timber and plywood in place, ready for gluing and nailing.
• A birds mouth jig for making the notch in the flange
• A jig to create an nibbed scarf joint (long diagonal joint with stepped ends) to join up two CLS pieces together making the required stronger lengths.
• Planning the logistics of materials and workshop layout for supply of parts and placement of finished items.

On Monday, we can start in earnest with all those items of action points above!! Grin!

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