This afternoon, we changed our work schedule and skipped over the operation of lifting up the heavy K Ridge for another day as the morning was wet and had other commitment anyway. So this afternoon, we started the preparation task for doing the next two rafters, the JK and KL ones that goes right to the outside corners of Bedroom 2 and connecting back to the K Ridge.
We spent the time slicing up all the polystyrene foam sheets into the required pieces and strips to finish off all these special LVL rafters (9 strips of 240mm wide, 6 strips of 217mm ones and 3 strips of 197mm wide ones) and with the other strips we had already done last week, we now have all the polystyrene foam inserts to complete the job.
Then we went outside and took the opportunity to weigh our K Ridge rafter while it was sitting on the ground and sitting the bathroom scales under each end in turn, we got a total weight of 127kg! Yes Heavy man!! No wonder the K Ridge has been a beast to handle! Phew!
Finally, we unwrapped the LVL timber pile to pull out the next four pieces and brought them into our workshop. We concluded the day by putting together a snapshot of the required part of the drawings so we had a print out of the JK and KL rafters to hand to know what to measure etc. etc.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will resume the task of lifting the K Ridge into place and hopefully we have worked out a solution to which way to lift it so we clear all the obstacles and get it seated into position – at last!

By Shaun

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