Sep 282017

Today, we finished off chopping the correct required angled cuts on the end of the pile of 89mm CLS timber pieces we got made from yesterday. The chop saw did the job of slicing a 32 degree angle on the ends of the timber before we put the machine away to clear the whole saw bench.
Then we proceeded to slice up all the remaining plywood sheets we had in the first storage stack outside, about 114 boards!

Preparation Tasks Continue ...


We loaded a heap on our large trolley and heaved it over to the workshop. The first load was about 39 sheets and it was just a bit on the heavy side to pull / push – Phew! The next three loads, we did just 25 boards instead – Much Easier!!
We pass each sheet of 12mm plywood through our circular saw attachment on our work bench, set at 399mm wide. After double checking the width of the first set (which was ever so slightly a little bit wide so we reduced the saw blade position and passed those three trips through again), we continued to go through all 113 remaining sheets!

We had to stop occasionally to clear the vacuum attachment and at one time, even empty the vacuum dust storage container too. Well, after all, we did 114 sheets, each had 3 cuts on it so that worked out to be just about one whole sheet turned into sawdust – WOW!

Preparation Tasks Continue ...


There are approximately 342 strips in total in those three piles we got in our workshop now! The next job is to move them all out again back to the store outside and only bring in a dozen or so when we need them! But this job is done now and it should save us some time in the long run – we Hope!! Smile!

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