Sep 302017

This morning, we tidied up the workshop by moving the huge piles of plywood webbing strips we generated a couple of days ago. They all (apart from 32 pieces) were transported back outside to their previous covered storage.

Workshop Cleared of Plywood Strips and Confirmation of Calculations Continues


Workshop Cleared of Plywood Strips and Confirmation of Calculations Continues


It took all morning to complete the task. In the afternoon, we spent more time to double check our calculations and analysing the real-world measurements against the spreadsheet and drawings. We took a length of 63mm CLS timber and sliced the 32 degree angled ends and took that outside to do a test fit. We now have a much fuller appreciation of what measurements are meaning what and using that newfound knowledge, we have updated our spreadsheet so it can be repeatedly used for each section around the house without having to repeat certain calculations again and again.
We are much more confidence of what is required and also we will create another template to help us slice the angled ends off the webbing plywood strips as well and that will speed up our production rate, plus also a couple of smaller templates to help mark out the area on the ends of the webbing that needs cutting away to allow for the clearance of top-plate at the bottom end and clearance for the steel I-Beam at the top end. It does indeed takes a long time and lot of preparation work before we see any finished article and it is really interesting to see how all this reflects in other situations like inside a factory somewhere in the world – grin!!

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