Oct 052017

It was simple today! it was just the task of creating more of our regular Second Stage Rafters. We did two before lunch from 11am to 1pm and then a further four more after lunch between 2pm and 6pm.



As you can see, we managed to do six today so we now have nine rafters completed, ready to be installed, hopefully tomorrow if the weather will be kind to us. We will have a movie of our rafter creation process, as soon as we get another indoor IP 5 megapixel camera!! Grin!

We also noticed we were running through the boxes of nails quite fast, so we counted how many nails we used for a rafter, which came to 300! So doing a calculation showed we need nearly 33,000 nails for all the rafters and we only have 12,000 on hand! So a quick order for another 23,000 nails was sent off.

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