This afternoon, we started the task of preparing all the bits and pieces that makes up the nine rafters (five from M1 to M5 and four from M14 to M17) which fills in the two triangular sections of the M roof area. We pulled out 24 strips of the plywood webbing from our outside storage stack and proceeded to organise and slice the 32degrees angled ends on them all. Next came the job of cutting the clearance notch on one end of each set (this to allow the rafter to fit up and over the steel I-Beam).

Finally, to finish off the day, we collected five lengths of both the 89mm CLS and 63mm CLS timber, and got them in our workshop, ready for chopping the angles on the flanges on Saturday. We also organised which of the nine rafters will go into our assemble template for construction and came up with four individual sessions to create all nine rafters, hopefully all in one afternoon!

By Shaun

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